Submitted by Dot on Sat, 05/28/2016 - 17:15


1. 安装honeypot报错:Unable to install Honeypot, honeypot.settings already exists in active configuration.


2. Recent log messages里很多Alert,内容是Disabled text format: filtered_html或者Disabled text format: okay。

filtered_html和okay是用drupal 7时自建的text format,后来删除了,应该是使用过这两个text format的文章和评论遗留到了drupal 8,造成报错。


update node__body set body_format="full_html";
update comment__comment_body set comment_body_format="full_html";

全部改成新的full_html。改完后相应的content和view还不能正常显示,需要清理cache,方法很多,在/admin/config/development/performance里clear all cache,或者数据库里truncate以cache开头的表,再或者drush cache-rebuild。关于clear cache,这里有详细的讲解。

text format改完之后没有再发现报错,应该算是解决了。

3. druapl 8自带的ckeditor图片上传按钮功能太简单,IMCE还是必须的。可是安装后不知道怎么用,点击ckeditor的image按钮还是老样子。

还好IMCE提供的demo页面有说明,就是编辑text format,激活"Insert images using Imce File Manager"按钮就行了。

4. 最后一个问题由来已久:

Mismatched entity and/or field definitions

The following changes were detected in the entity type and field definitions.


  • The URL alias field needs to be uninstalled.

Taxonomy term

  • The URL alias field needs to be uninstalled.

我一直以为也是遗留的field问题,就没有理会。前些天搜索了下,原来是更新entity的事,drush entity-updates就能解决。


[email protected] [~/public_html]$ drush pm-info
Drush command terminated abnormally due to an unrecoverable error.                                                                          [error]
Error: syntax error, unexpected 'class' (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or '{' or '$' in
/home/dotc/public_html/core/includes/common.inc, line 1274

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'class' (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or '{' or '$' in /home/dotc/public_html/core/includes/common.inc on line 1274


幸运的是,今天把上面提到的两个问题解决后,drush entity-updates能正常运行了,且问题解决。几个问题是否真有关联,就不得而知了。

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