why /etc/debian_version shows 'bullseye/sid' on debian testing?

Submitted by Z on Wed, 09/23/2020 - 14:33


12:44 <z14> Hi, I'm using testing but the text in my /etc/debian_version is 'bullseye/sid', I thought it should be 'bullseye/testing'. This is my sources.list http://vpaste.net/Qp1YO . Is it misconfigured?
12:49 <somiaj> z14: packages in testing migrate from sid, so the package says both bullseye/sid to indicate it could be both
12:51 <z14> somiaj, I see, thank you so much.
12:52 <somiaj> basically the packages in testing are the exact same that were in sid, (they aren't even recompiled when they migrate)
12:52 <somiaj> all sid does is provide a filter to try to spot rc-bugs and hold packages that aren't yet ready to migrate
12:53 <somiaj> and then testing turns into the next release, just a second let me see if I can find some docs

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